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Hi my name's Bri and I like One Direction and pints of ice cream okay bye
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Niall Horan Imagine

  • You got invited to a party today, but you were a little tired and you didn’t really feel like going. You weren’t in the mood to get wasted and grind on a bunch of guys you barely knew, but since he was your best friend who was having the party, you decided you would go anyway. After about a half hour, you finally found something you looked decent in to wear. You put on your black shorts, curled your hair, freshly applied your makeup, and threw the bottle of smirnoff in the backseat of your car before you headed to the other side of town for this party. When you got there your best friend greeted you.
  • "Heyyyyyyy!" He tried to make himself clear over the extreemly loud music. "You look fucking hot as hell (Y/N)" He yelled, but you could still just barely hear him.
  • You chuckled because you thought he was joking. “I’ll see ya around.”
  • You advanced into the overly crowded room. Even though the house was huge, it was still packed tight with people. How many people did he invite? 300?
  • "Hey (Y/N)! Glad to see you hoe!" Your friend Kelly yelled holding her red solo cup while she danced with some guy against the wall.
  • You smiled and waved. She was clearly wasted, so you moved on, knowing it was no use holding a normal conversation with her. Continuing on, a few guys whistled at you, one even yelled “DAMN!” You walked over to the table and put your bottle in the ice bucket, grabbed a red cup, filled it up with beer and went back to wander through the crowd of people.
  • You danced with a few people, played some beer pong, and made some new friends, but then your best friend came around.
  • "Hey Victoriaaaaa" he slurred. He was clearly drunk.
  • "My names not Victoria.. It’s (Y/N)."
  • "Whatever bitch. You look sexy as hell," he said as he moved extreemly close to you. You immediately felt uncomfortable.
  • "What are you doing?" you asked. You were getting mad, you were just friends and only friends. You both didn’t do that kind of thing with each other, it was never like that and never supposed to be.
  • "Don’t lie (Y/N), I know you want me, I see the way you look at me."
  • "No, stop. I don’t want you to do this, you’re drunk."
  • "Shut up don’t act like you’re not a slut." He slurred pushing you up against the wall. He was a lot bigger than you and very strong. He pressed his body against yours so you couldn’t move.
  • "Please don’t" You pleaded. He didn’t listen and his hand started to move up your shirt.
  • "Shhhhhh." He whispered inches from your face and you could smell the alcohol strong on his breath.
  • "Don’t" You said and tears started to form in your eyes.
  • "Aww, don’t cry." He said in a baby voice. Then he forced his lips against yours. You tried to move back but you were against the wall. You were trapped. His tongue forced your lips open and he shoved his tongue into your mouth and began to sloppily make out with you. It felt so wrong. He noticed you trying to move your head to the side and stopped.
  • "You’re such a jerk." you tried to say with a stern voice but with the lump in your throat, it came out as a whisper.
  • He looked you in the eyes, his facial expression suddenly went from lustful to angry once those words came out of your mouth. You instantly regretted saying them because he looked like he was about to hit you.
  • His muscles tensed up and he clenched his jaw tight, gritting his teeth.
  • "What, did you say?"
  • You winced. “I said, I-“..
  • "That’s what I thought." He growled, pushing back from you, kind of shoving you into the wall even though your body had already been pinned against it.
  • Once he was gone you felt relieved, but you still felt like you were about to cry. You didn’t want to party anymore. You were familiar with his house since you hung out all the time, so you went up to the top floor to his bedroom to take a nap. You layed down on the bed in the moon-lit room and just as you were drifting off to sleep, despite all the racket, the door opened again.
  • An extremely hot guy strode into the bedroom with his shirt off which he held in his hands.
  • Since it was dark in the room and light in the hallway, this body was shadowed, only revealing his most dominant features such as his blond hair and huge biceps.
  • "Oh, i’m sorry I didn’t realize you were in here." He said as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.
  • "It’s alright" you said sitting up.
  • "Someone just spilled their drink on my shirt and Jack (your best friend) said I could borrow one of his."
  • "Oh yeah, that sucks that someone spilled their drink."
  • He chuckled and then you realized you meant to say spilled their drink on his shirt.
  • He walked over to the bed and sat down next to you. “My name’s Niall.” He said. The moon light glistened over his toned muscles and lit his eyes up to make them look as if they were twinkling.
  • "I’m (Y/N)" He flashed a perfect smile when you said your name.
  • "Why aren’t you down at the party? You’re too beautiful to be hiding up here alone."
  • You remembered what your best friend, Jack, did to you not long ago. Your face sunk a little and you looked down at your hands in your lap.
  • "It’s just.. Jack.. He was being kind of weird. That’s all."
  • "What did he do?" He sounded concerned.
  • "Well, he held me against the wall, and, well he kissed me and I didn’t want him to."
  • There was more and since Niall stayed silent, he knew you wanted to keep talking also.
  • "He put his hands up my shirt too. I don’t know why he would act like that, even when he’s drunk he never acts that way. He is my best friend. I knew I shouldn’t have came to this party." You whispered still looking down and a tear escaped your eye running down your cheek.
  • He put his hand under your chin and lifted your face up so he could look you directly in the eyes.
  • "(Y/N), he had no right to do that to you. You’re gorgeous as hell and very nice too." he started. More tears escaped and rolled down your cheeks. He kissed away your tears.
  • "How would you know if i’m nice? You just met me now?"
  • "No, I played you in beer pong. Remember?"
  • You suddenly have a flash back of some blond-haired guy who you were joking around with at the party.
  • "Oh, yeah, sorry.. the alcohol.. ya know."
  • He softly chuckled. “Yeah I know. I’m not drunk though, it takes me a lot more than just a couple beers to start forgetting stuff.”
  • "I didn’t have jusstt a cooupple beers." You started to get defensive but in a flirty way.
  • "Shhh." He smiled. His face suddenly got serious again. "And don’t say you shouldn’t have come to the party either. If you hadn’t come, I wouldn’t have met you."
  • Even though this was supposed to be a soft, emotional moment, he was so hot all you wanted to do was rip off the rest of his clothes.
  • "I’m glad I met you."
  • He smiled again, whenever he did that it made you die a little more inside. You couldn’t hold it in anymore you had to do something quick.
  • "Niall.." You started to say but his lips crashed into yours. You wasted no time and instantly started kissing him back, the kiss started off soft, but within a few moments he slid his tongue into your mouth expertly exploring it. This time, unlike when Jack did it, it felt right now. It felt like it was meant to be this way. Soft, yet aggressive. You wanted more, you wanted every part of him. His strong arms wrapped around your waist pulling you into him, and you smoothly climbed on his lap and straddled him. He smiled through the kiss for a moment as he thought of something.
  • "Let’s get some revenge on Jack?" he said. You knew what he was trying to say. You were on Jack’s bed for crying out loud.
  • You smiled at the thought too and bit your lip seductively.
  • He started to kiss you rougher now. He moved from your lips, to your neck. He began leaving tiny love bites all over your neck and finally found your sweet spot under your ear. He was driving you crazy. You softly moaned, only encouraging him. He bites down on your sweet spot and his hair tickles your neck making a perfect combination between the two. He flips you over so he is now on top of you, between your legs. He flexes his hips so his erection pushes against you. He is basically naked besides those jeans that are already unbuttoned at the top. Holy fuck he was hot.
  • He breaks the kissing from your neck to slowly peel off your tank top. He gazed over your body for a moment before you arched your back off the bed allowing him to unclasp your bra. He gently started sucking on one of your nipples while he massaged the other one with his hand. You tried everything you could to hold in your moans as his tongue flicked over each nipple. He moved his wet kisses slowly down your stomach, when he got to the top of your shorts he stopped to slowly pull them down. You could feel the wetness start to slowly trickle down your thigh from wanting him so bad.
  • "Hurry up Niall." As you squeezed your eyes shut and your breathing accelerated.
  • He slid off your little black shorts and licked the outside of your thin panties, which were the only thing sepperating his tongue and your clit. You groaned with pleasure. You wanted him inside you so bad it almost hurt.
  • "Niall, I need you."
  • "Trust me, it’s taking all my self-control not to fuck you on this bed right now, to show you that you’re mine. Not Jack’s. When i’m done with you I want you to hurt from me fucking you so hard. Tomorrow, every time you move I want you to remember me, remember where I was. He growls into your ear. His words felt physical, when his Irish accent made the words roll of his tongue they sent sharp feelings of pleasure up your body.
  • He traced his the tip of his tongue up and down the sides of your panties before he slowly peeled your thong off with his teeth. The anticipation was killing you.
  • "Ni-" you started to say but he started sucking on your clit, making you shut up. His tongue made little circles and a tingling sensation overcame you. There were butterflies in your stomach and he only picked up the pace. Your heart started to beat faster and you could feel your cheeks start to flood with warmth. Just as you thought it couldn’t get any better, he inserts two fingers into you making you gasp.
  • "Niall" you moaned. He reacted to you moans by pumping his fingers in and out even faster than before. Every time his fingers go into you he curls them and hits your g-spot every time. You were getting closer and closer with every pump. Just as you were about to reach your climax, he pulled his fingers out.
  • "Why did you stop?" You say.
  • "He licks off his fingers and says "I want to be inside you when you cum." Before you could process what he said, without warning he slams into you all at once making you grip the sheets. His hands were planted on either side of you pressing into the mattress. He gave you a couple seconds to adjust to his size, and then he slowly began to thrust in and out of you. You didn’t feel any pain at all, only pleasure as he started to pick up his pace going faster and faster. You were in complete bliss as he filled you over and over again, each time better than the last. He grinds his hips down, when he goes down on you, which make his thrusts deeper as he slams into you over and over. You were getting so close, and you could tell he was too. You run your finger nails down his back making him sharply inhale with pleasure.
  • "Come on (Y/N)" he groaned as he pumped in and out of you.
  • The sound of him groaning your name made you explode and you wrapped yourself around him making him cry out your name as he climaxes with you, your walls convulsing around him as he releases into you. The tightness in the pit of your stomach radiated through your entire body sending waves of pleasure as he rode out the orgasm, his thrusts becoming slower until he collapses onto the bed beside you. You were both out of breath.
  • "Are you glad you came now?"
  • "Yeah." You say biting your lip as you look up at him.
  • He wraps his arms around you and pulls you into him. You cuddle under Jack’s covers and you press your ear against Niall’s chest listening to his heart beat in the moon-lit room.
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